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"Creative people are confident in only one thing: their own doubt. I think there’s a huge lack of self-confidence in a creative person because, by nature, the definition of a creative person is someone who is trying to make something new. They know, if they are professional creatives, that the likelihood of doing that—making something new and significant—is hugely unlikely, so they build within that city of doubt. From doubt, they get to iterate and work extremely hard, hoping to find something new; it’s all about hope. I’ve never met anyone who is good at what they do creatively and is super-confident. Maybe they pretend to be confident in front of their agent or the media, but I’ve never been confident in that way."

A conversation with the inimitable John Maeda. Complement with Seth Godin on dancing with self-doubt and Anna Deavere Smith’s advice to artists on what self-esteem really means.  (via explore-blog)



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Dominique Petrin vibin

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"Meating you was far from a mis-steak" •
“There are two ways of spreading light. To be the candle; or the one who reflects it” •
“The world is a book; those who do no travel only read a page” •


Jordan Sullivan, Death Valley

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the future is now


the future is now

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The Mini Book of Major Events – a barebones take on world history from illustrator Evan Lorenzen, the minimalist version of Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything

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The Beauty of Scientific Diagrams by Khyati Trehan.

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And a little space dedicated to some interesting findings that I have found during my research here!


And a little space dedicated to some interesting findings that I have found during my research here!



[ swell / sea / surf ] paintings from the group show Just Swim !

I do have a strong idea about the limitations of the computer in our skulls — it’s just large enough to take care of our lives and must ignore an awful lot of what is going on around us… . I have a very primitive approach to science — I wonder how the universe originated, how could it have originated … how could you make something out of nothing … and sophomoric ideas like that. And so, after having banged around with that — how do you make a universe out of nothing — I have decided, just logically, that it can’t be done and therefore it must always have existed. And so, from that, I get a sense of permanence and, also, an annoyance with the limitations of my head. And I really do think that what we perceive as time is simply a processing device in our heads to let us consider a little of reality at a time — we couldn’t let it all come in at once.